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Unique and Essential Home Music Studio Equipment

If you enjoy making music in your home then you’re probably always on the lookout for new, unique home music studio equipment. At Green Elephant Studio — so are we! Two of our current favorites are the MOD Devices Duo and the Joué MIDI Controller. Both devices allow you to create a truly unique, individual music experience. The possibilities with these two music studio tools are endless. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss exactly what the MOD Devices Duo and Joué MIDI Controller are and how they can help you create music in your home studio. Continue reading to learn more about these products and when you are ready to try either for your self, shop MOD Devices and Joué products at Green Elephant Studio. 

The MOD Devices Duo

The MOD Duo stompbox is basically a computer in a stompbox. It is completely programable and works with any instrument. Whether you play guitar, keyboard, drums, or your voice is your instrument, you can use the MOD Duo to add effects and create a unique music experience. It contains a sequencer, looping stations, amp simulations, synths, and an endless amount of effects. The MOD Devices Duo can help you find your unique sound.  

The Limitless Stompbox Pedalboard

The stompbox pedalboard is truly limitless. You can create digital pedalboards by dragging and dropping the different apps for simulators, effects, loopers, compressors, and more, and then you connect them digitally. You can create endless combinations and pedalboard setups. When you save your pedalboard, it will save to the stompbox, so you can leave your computer at home and still bring your pedalboards with you anywhere. You can make as many different pedalboards as you’d like and you can share them digitally and even view other’s creations. With the MOD Devices Limitless Stompbox Pedalboard, your only limitation is your own imagination. 

The Footswitch Extension

The MOD Devices Stompbox allows you to assign two pedalboards at a time, but the footswitch extension allows you to add four additional pedalboards. This is ideal for taking on stage or to gigs where you’ll want to easily switch between pedalboards for different songs. You can add as many footswitch extensions as you’d like to your MOD Devices stompbox so that you’ll have easy access to all of your favorite pedalboard configurations. 

Joué MIDI Controller

The Joué MIDI Controller consists of a lightweight, compact MIDI controller that works with magnetic magic modules. You simply place the module on to the MIDI board and the board immediately recognizes which module you are using. There is no lag time, and since the modules are lightweight and magnetic, you can switch them out at a moment’s notice. The Joué MIDI Controller is designed so that you can create a truly unique music experience.  

The Joué Board MIDI Controller

The Joué Board MIDI Controller has three magnetic slots so that you can add up to three different modules at once. The board is equipped with a highly sensitive polyphonic sensor so that you can switch your modules in and out and the MIDI controller will react in real-time. 

The Magic Modules

The Joué magic modules are made from soft silicone and connect to the Joué board magnetically. You can choose from a scaler, fretboard, pads, area, strips, rounds, synth, or bubbles module. So, no matter what sound you are looking for, you can create it with the Joué Board MIDI Controller and magic modules. 

Order Your Home Music Studio Equipment

After reading this blog, we hope that you are as excited about the MOD Devices Duo and Joué MIDI Controller as we are. They are both unique and essential home music equipment that can help you find your very own sound. Shop MOD Devices and Joué products today at Green Elephant Studios.

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