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Studio Equipment Every Band Should Invest In

Joining a band is a pretty big commitment. From the amount of time that you spend practicing your music and working on your image to the financial commitment of paying to get to shows and investing in the latest equipment, you need to be all in to succeed. Whether you’ve only just recently joined a band or your band is looking for ways to excel, today’s blog is for you. 

The team at Green Elephant Studio is going to cover a few pieces of equipment that every band should invest in. Let’s dive right in.


Without a doubt, your band is going to need to invest in quality microphones to sing in. There are plenty of cheap microphones out there that you can find and use, but your sound is going to suffer because of it. If you want to provide a crisp, quality sound to your listeners, you’re going to need great microphones.


The same way that you need to invest in quality microphones for your band, you need to invest in quality headphones. As you listen to recordings of you and your band playing, you need to be able to hear an accurate version of your music. Though it may seem like an unnecessary expense, you’re definitely going to notice the difference and that change in quality is going to help you improve your sound.


The goal for most musicians is to create a record. If that’s the case for you and your band, you’re absolutely going to want to invest in a soundboard. This piece of equipment will help you determine which parts of your music work and which need some work. You’ll also be able to better blend and harmonize the music that you’re creating so that you wind up with a product that you’re extremely proud of.

Joué Essential Pack

Recording the perfect track can take some serious time. With the help of the Joué essential pack, you can quickly record a variety of sounds from the same board. The interchangeable board makes it easy for you to create a variety of sounds in a fraction of the time that it would take for you to do so with your actual instruments. This type of equipment is great for playing around, perfecting tracks, and saving yourself some time. The Joué essentials pack through Green Elephant Studio has all of the pieces that you need to make some musical magic happen.

Shop Quality Studio Equipment Online

When you’re in need of high-quality studio equipment for your band, look no further than the team at Green Elephant Studio. As a passionate musician, our founder created Green Elephant Studio to make it easier for musicians to find quality equipment at reasonable prices. We have worked hard to find bands that we trust and products that we love. Take a minute to browse the variety of studio equipment that we have available online and contact our team if you have any questions regarding our products, we are always happy to help.

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