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Reasons You’ll Love the Joué Board MIDI Controller

If you haven’t heard of the Joué Board MIDI Controller, you are probably not alone. This MIDI controller is a light-weight board that uses magnetic magic modules. It’s perfect for customizing your music experience. Whether you want to add in some drums, a bass guitar, or a piano, the Joué Board MIDI Controller has the perfect module for you. But you don’t have to choose just one, the board holds up to three modules at once. 

If you are interested in the Joué Board MIDI Controller and magic modules, learn more at Green Elephant Studios. Purchase Your Joué Board today!

Interchangeable Magic Modules

The Joué Board MIDI Controller has space for three different magic modules. Modules range from a fretboard to play guitar to the pads module to play drums or other percussion instruments to the synth module that allows you to play the keys. There are plenty of different modules for the Joué Board MIDI Controller so you can truly customize your music experience. 

The magic modules are made from soft silicone and connect to the board magnetically. You can switch out modules at a moment’s notice and the board will react in real-time. The modules are easy to move around and add a dimension of fun and spontaneity. 

Lightweight and Easy to Use

The Joué Board MIDI Controller and the magic modulars are all lightweight and easy to use. You can put the board on a desktop or even on your lap. It’s easy to move around so if you like to make music at your house one day and take it to a friend’s house the next day, the Joué Board is perfect.  

Some of the modules can even be played with just one hand. Although, you’ll probably want to use two once you begin making music. 

Customize Your Music Experience

With the Joué Board MIDI Controller and magic modules, you’ll truly be able to customize your music experience. You can play the keys and percussion, add in some string instruments, and use all the other great magic modules to make your music your own. 


The Joué Board MIDI Controller and magic modules are quite affordable. You can customize your music experience with different instruments and controls right in your own home. The Joué Board MIDI Controller even comes with all the software you’ll need to start right away. 

Purchase Your Joué Board MIDI Controller

If you are ready to purchase a Joué Board MIDI Controller, we offer the board alone or a set that comes with five of the best magic modules from Joué: the scaler, fretboard, pads, area, and strips modules. Shop Joué products and other music equipment at Green Elephant Studio.

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