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MOD Devices Duo the Limitless Stompbox-Pedalboard


MOD Devices

Duo by MOD Devices – Multi-FX, Simulations, Synths, Sequencers, Loopers and MIDI Utilities

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Have you ever imagined what the most flexible pedalboard would look?

AND have all the effect pedals you would ever need/want and then some!!???

If you have, then it should look like the MOD DUO.

If you haven’t… then picture the DUO from MOD Devices.

For me, the biggest deal is the total flexibility of routing.

Imagine this… You want to split your instrument’s signal (Audio or MIDI) and send it to many different modules. In the Duo, you keep pulling more virtual “cables” from the source and into whatever modules! Then you need to bring them all back together. On the DUO you can plug as many “cables” into the same “jack”!!! AKA Parallel Processing made easy! This was the most mind-blowing thing for me.

The Duo comes with hundreds of free plugins and more keep getting added by developers all the time. These developers are from the open source community and make some world class plugins. A commercial plugin store is on the way for those developers who want to get paid, and we may see some very well known names selling their famous plugins… but that is still in the works. For now, there is more than enough that if you wanted to test them all, you will probably won’t sleep for weeks…

Notice I’m avoiding using the term “effects” because there are more than just effect plugins. Most of them are effects like distortions, delays, reverbs, dynamics, etc… but there are also sound generators like organs, pads, and synths… but there are also utilities like sequencers, switches, MIDI data generators, MIDI manipulation, and so much more!

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then go to the forum to ask for what you are trying to achieve. Chances are there is already something out there, and someone will point you in the right direction, or someone made it and just hasn’t published it, or someone can make it… All these have happened to me…

Here is something that happened to me:

So I do any pitch-shifting with my Digitech Whammy DT because the pitch-shifting plugins in the DUO take too much CPU for me. But I desperately wanted to be able to switch on and have the correct pitch-shift selected on the Whammy with one button when I pull up a pedalboard preset. The Whammy DT has midi in, and I know that it can accept MIDI message to turn on/off and select the interval. So I went to the MOD Forum and started a topic. And there was a developer who said he could make one and he did! It’s called MINDI and now I have a MIDI cable connected between the DUO and Whammy DT, and I can have it pull up whatever function on the Whammy and turn it on when a call up a specific pedalboard. How awesome is that!

So I touched on a couple of other things in my example.

The DUO is made to fit into your setup and doesn’t force you too hard to fit into the DUO ecosystem. Add it to your current set up. You don’t have to abandon your favorite pedals.

Do you use four wire setup for your guitar where you have effects before the amp and also in the effects loop? You can do it! The Duo has two inputs and two outputs which can route however you want.

The MOD Forum is full of guys who can help. It’s a community of supportive people who are super excited about the DUO. Many come from the open source community and are diehards about open source.

Everything on the DUO is open source. All the code is open to anyone to see and mess around with. (I’m not that guy…) You can get support for all the programming questions on the forum or their Github page.


The MOD Duo is the gateway to limitless sonic possibilities.

From the legendary classics to mind-blowing innovations, it features multi-FX, simulations, synths, sequencers, loopers and MIDI utilities in one single stompbox fully configurable and ready for the stage.

This is the stompbox revolution.



Completely independent audio I/O

Configurable I/O gain: use it with any instrument

Outputs usable in balanced and unbalanced mode: connect to any device

Headphone out with dedicated volume control and direct monitoring option

High-fidelity audio path

Relay-based True-Bypass


Full MIDI support – both legacy DIN and USB

USB-host port for connecting peripherals and Bluetooth

Expanded connectivity using a USB hub

USB-device port for computer connection

Control Chain port for MOD peripherals


Compact footprint device: 180 x 74.7 x 160 (W x H x D, millimeters) / 1.2 kg

Power supply that works in every country (100V ~ 240V @ 50 ~ 60 Hz)

USB connection cable

Quick Start Guide

Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 4 in


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