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MOD Devices Duo and Footswitch Bundle

$878.00 $599.00

$599 MOD Duo and Footswitch Bundle!!!

MOD Devices Duo the Limitless Stompbox-Pedalboard

5 in stock

MOD Devices Footswitch Extension

7 in stock

If you have one, you probably want the other…


The MOD Duo and the MOD Footswitch go together like two peas in an electronic music production pod.

  • Bundle set includes the MOD Duo and the MOD Footswitch
  • The footswitch seamlessly connects to the MOD Duo
  • Both items integrate with the Pedalboard Builder
  • Open-source software allows for endless possibilities

Are you looking for a way to take your music production and performance to the next level? This bundle kit includes everything you need to do just that. MOD Devices is a leading provider of multi-effects pedals that never run out of effects and don’t need a computer to be taken onstage. These two devices can be used in tandem (and daisy chained with more MOD Footswitches for even more effects!) on stage and in the studio, making this bundle a key component for any home music recording equipment arsenal. When you want to easily take your music from the studio to the stage, MOD Devices makes it simple. Plus, with MOD’s open-source software where users can submit and distribute their effects, loops, synths, sequencers, and more, there will always be new music to be made. Get yours from Green Elephant Studio today!

  • MOD Duo features audio, MIDI, and USB inputs and outputs


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