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Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix Audio Interface Programmable Mixer MIDI Controller


8-In/10-Out Audio Interface, MIDI Controller, and Mixer w/ Built-In Effects.  USB powered. No Moving Parts Make for Highest Reliability.

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Having an Audio Interface built into a Mixer is a huge benefit for the home studio especially when you want several instruments ready to play and record at all times. In my home studio, I want to have a couple of synths, my Mod Duo and a Mic all plugged in, ready to use and record. For jamming and practice, I use reverb and delay effects from my Duo, but when it comes to recording, I like using my DAW’s plugins when mixing. As I record, I want to hear reverb and delay but not fiddle with my DAW so effects on the board come in handy.  The K-Mix does so much in a small package.

I’ve owned other mixer/interface combos in the past and usually limited by the physical switches, pots, and connectors. The K-Mix has its ins and outs but other than that it’s software controlled and can provide so much more than the standard mixer. Since there are no moving parts, this means there is less stuff that can break and will survive in a backpack.

I also have a turntable, and the K-Mix has the functionality to become a Phono Preamp.

There is so much more than I am not covering but I think you get the idea of how powerful the K-Mix is.


Audio Interface

  • USB Bus Powered
  • Ultra-Low Noise µPre™ Preamps
  • High-End AKM Converters
  • 32-bit Floating Point Signal Path
  • 8-in/10-out Audio

Programmable Mixer

  • Per Channel DSP
  • Flexible Routing
  • Standalone Quad 5.1, 7.1 and Octo Surround Mixer
  • Onboard Preset Storage
  • No Computer Required

Control Surface

  • Ultra-Sensitive Precision Rotaries and Faders
  • User Assignable MIDI Controls
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Rugged Construction, No Moving Parts


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