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Joué Synth Module


Joue Synth Module

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If you own the Joué Board MIDI Controller and don’t have the Synth Module yet, you’re missing out. This is a double-sized magic module that allows you to play the keys right from your Joué board. 


  • Made from soft silicone
  • Magnetized for quick customization
  • Contains highly sensitive polyphonic sensors
  • Double-sized

The Joué Synth Module is magnetized for easy adding or removal. The Joué board updates in real time as you switch out magic modules to make your music. Customize your music experience with the Synth Module from Joué. Order yours from Green Elephant Studio today.


  • 1.5 octave keyboard with octave +/- buttons
  • Contains 4 configurable buttons
  • Works with the Joué Board MIDI Controller, not included
  • Channel or polyphonic aftertouch, natural vibrato, and vertical axis control can be adjusted within the Joué’s advanced settings.


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