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My Favorite Earplugs: earasers Musician Hi-Fi Earplugs

My ears are the most important tool. Without them, I can’t enjoy music. Period.

There are volumes you can control and those you can’t. You can manage your TV, Stereo, headphones, earbuds, etc. If you are an engineer, you can mix and monitor at lower levels. But situations like concerts, gigs, rehearsals, and construction, you can’t turn it down, but you can protect your ears with earplugs. The bottom line is that we have control over protecting our hearing.

I know from personal experience that using earplugs are a pain. They can be challenging to fit in the ear and/or the resulting sound is unpleasant. My ear canals are small, so any standard earbud or earplug that requires to be stuck in the ear canal either won’t work at all, or are too uncomfortable. Foam earplugs will work if I really roll them hard before inserting in my ear, but they tend to be uncomfortably tight, but I use them to protect my ears when it’s the only available option.

The other problem with the standard earplugs is that they make everything muffled. All that I hear is muted woofy sounds. I’m a critical listener. I like creating new tones with my instruments and not being able to listen to the full frequency range is no fun for me. There are Hi-Fi earplugs in the market, and most are one size to stick in to the ear canal and don’t fit me.

Custom earplugs are the next step. Many years ago this was the best option for me. They offered a Hi-Fi option, but they were not able to fit the filter because my ear canals are too small. So I opted for the standard custom earplugs so that I was still able to have comfortable earplugs which were going to protect my hearing.

For years I accepted that I will have to suffer through muddy sounds but keep my ears protected in loud places like concerts and gigs. But then Steve Vai was coming to town for the 25th Anniversary Passion and Warfare tour. Passion and Warfare was an influential album for me, and I was not going to miss him when he was in my neck of the woods. I want to hear every glorious frequency as it was hurled out by the band. This restarted my search for earplugs.

My research brought me to earasers musician’s Hi-Fi earplugs. Earasers offers four sizes and guarantees the fit. The Hi-Fi filter cuts each frequency evenly and down to a safe level to protect your hearing. On top of this, they are very affordable. According to their site, the standard size for grown men is medium but I know my ear canals are small so I ordered the small size. When I got them, I was disappointed because they were too big. I didn’t realize my ears canals were that small! I contacted earasers and got a refresh kit with the extra small size sleeves (the part that keeps the filter in place) and a filter removal/insertion tool. (When sleeves ware out, replace them with new sleeves. Save money and refresh your earplugs, don’t throw them out.) When I got my extra small sleeves I was amazed at how perfect it fit in my ear. I was now ready for the concert of my dreams!

The earaser musician’s Hi-Fi earplugs worked perfectly. I was comfortable through the whole concert and heard every nuance of every note the entire night. At one point in the evening I pulled out my earplugs to compare the sound, and it was the same, just much louder and I put them right back in. Since then I’ve used them in other loud areas like convention halls (NAMM Show) and airplanes.

Another perk of these earplugs was when I talked it didn’t sound like my voice was inside my head and able to hear others clearly in the noisy surroundings. I didn’t have the uncomfortable experience of hearing my voice in my head like when plugging my ears with my fingers. I was able to talk comfortably without wondering if I’m talking too loud or too soft. I was also able to hear better the people I was talking to.

I can’t say enough good things about the earasers musician Hi-Fi earplugs and earaser’s customer support. They offer a 30-day return and guarantee the fit. (You will have to pay any shipping expenses… but still worth it!)

I now have earplugs which fit like a custom-made pair and still enjoy the music.

Find earasers musician Hi-Fi Earplugs here:



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