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Must-Have Magic Modules for Your Joué Board

Whether you have a full music studio in your home or you just enjoy creating some music in your spare bedroom, the Joué Board MIDI Controller can help you customize your music experience. It’s compact and portable, so whether you have a lot of room or just a small space, the Joué Board is just what you need to create your own unique music. 

The Joué Board works with magnetic, silicone magic modules that allow you to play the guitar, drums, keys, and more. The magic modules can be switched in and out at a moment’s notice while the Joué Board responds in real time due to its highly sensitive polyphonic sensors. Most of the modules can be operated with just one hand, so you can play multiple instruments at once. The Joué Board comes with three spaces to fit three individual magic modules at a time. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss a few magic modules for the Joué Board MIDI Controller that are absolute must-haves. From the iconic Bubbles Module to the Synth Module, you’ll be creating music that you love in no time. Continue reading to learn more and when you are ready to purchase the Joué Board MIDI Controller or any of these magic modules, shop Green Elephant Studio

The Fretboard Module

The fretboard module is a double-sized module that allows you to play guitar or any other string instrument right on your Joué Board MIDI Controller. This module has six strings and nine frets as well as two configurable buttons and octave +/- buttons. This module makes it possible to tune the strings individually or all together so you can create a truly unique music experience. 

The Bubbles Module

The Bubbles Module consists of four large pink bubbles that allow you to control 12 parameters simultaneously with one hand. It also has four additional assignable buttons so that you can customize your music experience any way that you want. 

The Pads Module

If you’re searching for a magic module to play drums or another percussion instrument on your Joué Board MIDI Controller, the Pads Module is for you. Each pad can be configured individually or as a group so you can create your music your way. 

The Synth Module

The Synth Module is a 1.5 octave keyboard with +/- buttons and four configurable buttons. This double-sized module is perfect for playing the keys on your Joué Board MIDI Controller. 

The Scaler Module

The Scaler Module is a triple-sized module that fills all three spaces on the Joué Board. It allows you to play instruments such as the harp, xylophone, or balafon. As one of the most expressive modules from Joué, the Scaler contains 17 keys, a bubble, +/- keys, and a long ribbon for music customization.   

Shop Magic Modules at Green Elephant Studio

If you enjoy creating music at home, the Joué Board MIDI Controller is a must. It’s compact, portable, and gives you the ability to customize your music experience almost any way that you can imagine. And, with the magnetic, silicone magic modules, you can switch out from playing the fret board to the keys in just a moment’s notice as the Joué Board responds in real time. The Joué Board MIDI Controller with its magic modules revolutionizes the way that we can make music at home. Shop the Joué Board MIDI Controller and magic modules at Green Elephant Studio today. 

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