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More Kinds of Guitar Pedals at Green Elephant Studio


In our last blog post, we discussed some different types of guitar pedals available for your use. Whether you are building your own home recording equipment supplies, or you are looking for equipment to use in your live performances, Green Elephant Studio has got you covered for all your needs. Our mission is to make your home recording studio equipment affordable, yet dependable and top-notch, so you can sound amazing on stage, as well as in the studio. In this ongoing blog series, we’ll continue our look at guitar pedals. Visit us online to get started today!




Delay Pedals


As the name implies, delay guitar pedals takes the note and delays it, playing it back exactly how it sounds. The cool feature about delay pedals is that this note or chord can be repeated depending on what you have the feedback time set to. Another variety available of delay pedals is the analogue delay pedals, and often you see both the digital delay pedals next to the analogue delay pedals. Analogue is the older style of delay pedals and are often preferred because the sound coming out is not exactly the same as what is played. This is great for guitar players who are looking to improvise sounds and are looking for the different sounds made. Digital delay pedals, being new technology, offers a cleaner, sharper tone than analogue delay guitar pedals.


Green Elephant Studio offers the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Plexi Distortion Boost Reverb Delay SansAmp Pedal, which features the SansAmp tube amplifier emulator with a 3-band active EQ, Level, and Drive to adjust the overall gain and overdrive performance. This particular model is based on the Hot-Rod Plexi pedal, which adds in an element of distortion and allows for Level, Tone, and Drive controls. Also comes with metal footswitches and jacks. Order yours today!


Fuzz Pedals


Fuzz, again why the name, “fuzzes” up distortion to the hilt. Guitarists, bass players, and even keyboard players can get a heavy distortion with fuzz pedals, which makes for unique sounds that blend in quite well and harmonically with your band’s sound. It can be loud — to the point an outsider would think your amp is about to blow up. However, you can completely change your guitar sound with fuzz pedals, mainly from fuzzy to extremely loud and everything in-between. Think of the most annoying noise, such as fingernails scraping a chalkboard, and you have fuzz pedals. These guitar pedals are extremely popular with heavy metal bands.


Green Elephant offers a multi-effect pedal, the Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig Multi Effects Pedal, that through the Octafilter will give you a fuzz pedal noise. The advantage of this pedal is that you don’t need a bunch of separate guitar pedals to get the sound you desire. This pedal has the capabilities of an overdrive pedal, a chorus pedal, a SansAmp, a tuner, and compression all in one. No more hauling around a bunch of pedal to every gig whose chords just get tangled up. Order this one for all your traveling band performances today!

Boost Pedals


A boost pedal will boost the sound of your signal to your amplifier. This is great for those songs that vary from high-intensity to low-volume quickly. A boost pedal will eliminate the need to use distortion to up the ante in your playing, such as when the chorus comes around, or you want to emphasize a particular line in a song. Boost pedals tend to fatten your tone, rather than make it heavy like a fuzz or an overdrive pedal, and rather than using distortion. The result is a cleaner, smoother sound overall.


Another great multi-use guitar pedal that Green Elephant Studio offers is the Tech 21 RK5 Richie Kotzen Signature Fly Rig that will emulate the rich tones of clatters, doom, and other annoyances. The boost pedal section is in the OMG section, which gives you an added 21dB of pre-amp gain. You can use the boost separately, or you can combine it with the other functions of this guitar pedal. The boost pedal option is based on the boost DLA option, which gives you a classic sound with Level, Time, Repeats, and Drift for the optimal amount of customization as you are playing and recording in your home studio or live. Using a 12V DC power supply, you can take this boost pedal anywhere you need to go. Order yours today!


Chorus Pedals


Chorus pedals have been popular since they were first invented in the mid-1970s because they are great for solo artists and those who want the sound of a band but can’t afford one. These guitar pedals make your guitar sound like there are multiple guitars playing the same thing, just a step or two in front of you or behind you. The pitch is changed slightly as well. This adds a thicker tone to your music and can sound a bit warbly. The idea of a chorus sound has been around since the 1930s when organs first began to be left untuned on purpose to create the effect.


Green Elephant Studio again offers a multi-effect pedal that will give you the chorus sound. The Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig Multi Effects Pedal has a chorus, Octafilter, SansAmp, compression, and a tuner, all in one for you. Green Elephant Studio prefers these multi-effect guitar pedals because overall they are more affordable than purchasing the same guitar pedals separately, and you get great sound either way both for your home equipment and for your life performance playing.  With a fuzz component as well, you can get a total blend of any or all of these guitar pedal capabilities for ultimate personalization of your songs and music. The tuner is engaged by holding down the CHR footswitch, which will then mute the signal path. This multi-effect pedal is perfect for all musicians, from the beginner stage to the advanced. Order yours today!




Green Elephant was founded with the idea to make your home recording equipment, as well as your traveling live performance equipment, affordable. We’ve brought together the best brands in the home recording equipment scene, including Sonuus, Tech 21, and Keith McMillen Instruments, to offer to you at a great price. We offer free priority shipping, a 90-day return policy (which is hard to find anywhere else and allows you to try out our home recording equipment),  and great customer support to answer your questions. With Green Elephant Studio, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere. Order your guitar pedals along with the rest of your home recording equipment here today!

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