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Making a Pedalboard on the MOD Duo

Building a pedalboard is very simple on the MOD Duo.

Choose plugins from the ones you have saved on your unit. Drag and drop it into the work surface. Grab cables and plug things in from input to output (left to right) to complete the signal chain for your pedalboard.

It really is just that simple, but there are some unique things with the Duo which make this an outstanding piece of gear.

Splitting and Combining Signals –

If you ever need to split signals, just grab more virtual cables out of any output and plug it wherever you want. To combine (mix) signals, just plug as many virtual cables into on socket.

By splitting and combining signals you can blend things. Blend multiple amp/cab sounds. Blend a direct sound with an effected sound. Mix a pitched sound with the original sound. So much you can do!

You can even make a feedback loop! If you can control it, I would recommend you try it… but be careful…

In the video, I go into a lot more detail but the basics are covered here.

You can find the MOD Duo at this link:


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