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How Many Kinds of Guitar Pedals are There and What Do They Do?


When you first start taking guitar lessons, all you think you need is a guitar and a pick, which is true for the most part. But after a year and as you get more advanced, you begin to want to play the electric guitar — which opens up a whole new world of playing. Playing an electric guitar is not only a totally different animal, but it can be quite challenging to learn all of the components needed to get the sound that you desire.


Green Elephant Studio offers home recording equipment, including guitar pedals from all the best brands. From Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI V2 to Sonuus G2M V3 Note to Midi Converter, Green Elephant Studio has all you need for your guitar pedals. In this blog post, we’ll go over different types of guitar pedals, and in another blog post, we’ll go over what to look for in a guitar pedal. Order online today!




Distortion Pedals


The most popular guitar pedal is the distortion pedal. A distortion guitar pedal takes the sound from your guitar and distorts it, or adds volume, crunch, and sustain to your sound. The reason why it’s so popular is because of the variety of sounds it can create and it contrasts nicely with the natural sound your guitar makes. A distortion sound from a guitar is probably in most of the songs you listen to. Another advantage to a distortion guitar pedal is that it will respond uniquely to whichever instrument you are playing. Hence, in a band setting, your guitar will sound different than your other band members’ guitars because your guitar makes different sounds. The sound combinations and permutations are endless with guitar distortion pedals.


That being said, there are many different types of distortion pedals to choose from, including those that only do one or two things to the professional distortion pedals that rock bands use that can create even more sounds. Green Elephant Studio offers a Sonuus Volume Analog Effect Pedal that allows for high dynamic range signals to be processed, as well as gives you maximum signal clarity. Order today!


Reverb Pedals


A lot of newer guitar amplifiers have a reverb function installed already, eliminating the need for a reverb pedal. However, some amps do not have a reverb option, so you’ll need to buy a guitar foot pedal instead. Reverb pedals, like their name implies, reverberate, or gives off an echo sound, which functions to make your guitar sound more prominent in songs. It’s very similar to the sound you hear when you walk into an old cathedral or a cave. In fact, you can even make your guitar give off just as big of a sound like a cave by turning up the reverb. 


Of course, there are different kinds of reverb pedals on the market as well. Check out Green Elephant’s Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Plexi Distortion Boost Reverb Delay SansAmp Pedal, which has all of the sound you could possibly need, from rich tones to clattery pings. You won’t be disappointed with this analog signal path that will mix reverb and delay in conjunction together. With silent-switching and custom footswitch actuators, your guitar will give off top-notch sounds for years to come.


Or, you can try Green Elephant Studio’s Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig Multi-Effects Pedal, which offers grab-and-go pro tones for both live and studio use. This multi-effects pedal is specifically designed for use with acoustic guitars and features metal footswitches and jacks. Order today!

Wah Pedals


Wah pedals are so named because the noise they make truly does sound like a “wah.” If you can imagine a baby crying, this is the sound this guitar pedal will help your guitar make. Now, why would you want that sound to be coming from your guitar, and why would you want to listen to it? Let’s face it, a baby crying is usually annoying, especially if it’s someone else’s kid, and you’re trying to watch a movie in a movie theater. Well, when you mix the wah sound in with other instruments and musical notes, it sounds truly cool and amazing. Think of “Foxy Lady” by Jimi Hendrix, and you’ll know the exact sound capabilities these wah pedals can make. Furthermore, if you are familiar at all with guitars, this type of guitar pedal is the type you would probably most associate guitar players using on stage as it is no frills to the hilt.


Green Elephant Studio offers the Sonuus Wahoo Wah/Filter Pedal that is capable of offering both the English wah sound and the American wah sound, as well as everything in between. You can change vowel sounds with the slight tap of your pedal, and this wah pedal also is a phaser, envelope filter, a pitch-bend triggered wah, step filter, and an overdrive. Use this wah pedal to make your own unique sounds. Order today!


Overdrive Pedals


Like their name implies as well, overdrive pedals don’t manipulate the sound of your guitar, as much as they push and drive your guitar to sound harder. They are very different from distortion pedals in that regard. You can think of an overdrive pedal very much like what a layer of fog does to your vision; it pushes your amplifier to a heavier, thicker version of your guitar sound. They are used mainly with valve/tube amps because the tube amp is known for already distorting sounds so you would get a distortion effect along with the overdrive effect for the price of one!


One of Green Elephant Studio’s overdrive pedals include the Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig Multi Effects Pedal, which is perfect for your bass guitar and features an Octafilter, SansAmp, compression, and a tuner. Along with an input pad, XLR output with ground connect, and a headphone button switch, this overdrive pedal will have you creating amazing tunes that are clean and smooth. Order yours today!




Green Elephant Studio offers unique, powerful, and inspiring gear to take your music to the next level. Featuring some of the best brands, such as Tech 21 and MOD Duo devices, you can rest assured that Green Elephant has everything you need to create your band’s unique sound. We offer a generous 90-day return policy, as well as free priority shipping. No matter what you are looking for in home recording equipment, Green Elephant Studio has it all. Turn your garage band into a professional band with Green Elephant Studio. Check out our shop page, and order online today!

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