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Guitar Pedals Galore at Green Elephant Studio

Green Elephant Studio offers guitar pedals galore, including MOD guitar pedals. We’ve been taking a hard look at the ins and outs of guitar pedals so the beginner guitar player will know their options and what’s available. We offer the best brands here at Green Elephant, from MOD Devices, EBTech, and Tech 21. In this blog post, we’ll continue examining different types of guitar pedals, so you’ll have all the information you need when you are ready to add to your home recording equipment collection. Visit us online, and order today!




Phaser Pedal


Phaser pedals are very similar to chorus pedals (which we discussed in our last blog post), except it has an added sound similar to the wind. It is very thick, but this guitar pedal adds in a sweeping motion sound, which can be adjusted by duration and volume. This type of pedal is very popular due to the unique sound it produces and has been popularized by bands, such as Van Halen and Smashing Pumpkins.


Green Elephant Studio offers the Sonuus Wahoo Wah/Filter Pedal, which has a phaser pedal capability, in addition to an analogue filter with digital control. Besides being a phaser pedal, this guitar pedal also has an envelope filter, a pitch-bend triggered wah, a step filter, an overdrive pedal, and more. You can create almost any sound with this guitar pedal, from country to rock and roll. This Wahoo Wah/Filter Pedal is made from the highest quality aluminum parts in order to withstand industrial uses, as well as constant travel in-between gigs. In addition, the pedal offers precision control for immediate switches. Order yours today!


Flanger Pedal


A flanger pedal is also similar to a chorus pedal but with a whooshing noise like the wind in the fall. You will notice the pitch of your guitar rise up and then down again. In effect, your input signal is doubled and then both are played back together with a slight delay and out of sync that produces the signature whooshing noise. This combination of two identical audio waves results in an interference pattern. Examples include Heart’s “Barracuda,” and The Doobie Brothers “Listen to the Music.”


Currently, Green Elephant Studio has no flanger pedals for sale. Check our site frequently for additions as our inventory for your home studio equipment continues to grow.


EQ Pedals


When you look at an EQ (abbreviation for equalizer) pedal, you will notice right away that it looks different than other guitar pedals. It has separate tuning parameters for optimal customization for the bass, middle, and treble frequencies. This is an advanced guitar pedal for those guitarists who are looking for specific sounds. It does not generate an effect like all of the other guitar pedals we’ve been discussing in this series, such as a whooshing sound like a flanger pedal.


Green Elephant offers the Tech 21 Q/Strip EQ and PreAmp Pedal that has three modes of operation for power, either from your other equipment, a 9V battery, or an optional power supply. In addition to controlling frequencies, this guitar EQ pedal can be used as a speaker simulator. You can also create different sounds when used in conjunction with other guitar pedals, such as a distortion pedal. Order yours today!

Looper Pedals


Looper guitar pedals are just plain fun and are great for the beginner just trying out inventing their own riffs and songs. Essentially, a looper pedal is more of a tool than a sound effect, as it records your chord progressions, notes, riffs, and the like and then plays it back for you. It’s cool because you won’t lose any sound you want to recreate. It also works as a loop, playing back these recorded sounds while you play different live sounds. It’s great for when you are alone practicing, as you can have another guitar playing alongside of you. 


The looper pedal is simple to operate. All you do is hit the pedal when you are ready to record, and then hit the pedal back when you are ready to play the recording back. You can lay down many tracks with this guitar pedal. These pedals are also great for use when playing live, especially if you are missing a guitarist due to sickness or other life event.


Green Elephant offers a Sonuus Loopa Looper Microphone, which works just like a looper pedal, only this microphone records your voice and plays it back to you, instead of your guitar music. This microphone is great to practice your singing skills with and can make a rather lonely practice of singing alone not so lonely.


Green Elephant Studio also offers MOD Devices Duo the Limitless Stompbox-Pedalboard, which features sequencers, loopers, MIDI utilities, multi-F-FX, simulations, and synths all in one. The cool thing about investing in MOD Duo pedalboards is that they all can be combined and work together seamlessly if need be.




Green Elephant Studio has a deep desire to help you with your home recording studio equipment needs. As the Top Rated Local® music equipment store, we have got everything you need to not only get started when you are first setting up your at-home recording studio, but we also carry everything you’ll need moving forward as you add to your studio. 


As a recording artist, you want the best recording equipment available. We have done our best to offer all of the best brands, including Joue, MOD Devices, and Isoacoustics, at the best prices. With our free priority shipping on all orders, our amazing 90-day return policy, and our stellar customer support services, Green Elephant Studio has made your home recording journey easy. From unique and powerful offerings that will inspire your next song, we supply the home recording equipment, so you can concentrate on your craft. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter or visit us on social media in order to keep up with our latest arrivals and our specials. Visit us online, and order today!

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