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We’ve been spending quite a bit of time here on our blog featuring guitar pedals. Why? Because guitar pedals can make or break your song. They can make the difference between being memorable and only being okay, and the pure variety of sounds that are produced are inspiring. With guitar pedals, you can spend hours just creating new songs and sounds (which many do), and this process has led to many amazing new songs. Once the creative juices get flowing, it’s exceedingly hard to stop — often keeping you up late at night.


Hence, the creation of Green Elephant was born. We began as home-based recording musicians who would spend our free time creating music that would convey thoughts and emotions that people would love. In order to do this, we had to invest in home recording equipment, which can get expensive. So, we decided to bring everything you’d need for your home recording studio to one place, eliminating hours of surfing the internet for the right deal. Our commitment to you is to offer the best prices so more artists like ourselves can partake in home recording. This also allows you to spend your time doing what you love — making music.


In this continuing blog series, we’ll take a look at guitar pedals for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced guitar player. When you’re ready, head on over to our website, and begin stocking your at-home music recording studio today!




Compressor Pedals


Another tool instead of an effect pedal, a compressor pedal is the great equalizer in the guitar industry. It takes every note you play and makes it the same volume, creating a balanced sound and a beefy tone. While there is not much glamor in this, the compressor pedal is beloved by bass players who can make sure their notes are heard and not drowned out by the other guitars on stage, and it is useful to the soloist who can add in cool elements like sustains notes at the same volume while they are playing. This guitar pedal is also great for kids who can sometimes struggle to play strings and notes loud. This pedal will take whatever note you play and make it louder. If you love to fingerpick (play notes without a pick), then a compressor pedal can help amplify the sound as well.


Popular examples of a compressor pedal being used is a country guitarist who would use a compressor pedal with a slapback delay pedal for the distinctive, country sound, and a blues guitar player who could combine a compressor pedal with a light overdrive pedal to add girth to the tone of the notes streaming forth.


Green Elephant Studio offers the Sonuus Voluum Analog Volume Effects Pedal, which is a multi-effect stomp box with a digitally controlled analogue signal that creates no distortion. You get five effects with this guitar pedal: noise gate, compressor, LFO (tremolo), volume control, and limiter). If you are looking for a guitar pedal with superb sound qualities and that packs a punch, look no further than this compressor pedal. Order yours today!

Tremolo Pedals


A tremolo pedal takes its name from the tremble sound it produces. Pretend you are a kid who is constantly turning the volume up and down on the radio, and you’d have yourself the effect of a tremolo guitar pedal. You can change the speed at which the volume drops, as well as how long it lasts. The volume can reappear quickly or diminish slowly.


The tremolo effect has been around in music for a long time, so long in fact that when amplifiers were first built, most had a built-in tremolo effect. When electric guitars first began, there were not that many options available, so tremolo effects were popular in songs. Hence, tremolo pedals have been around a long time.


As previously mentioned with the compressor pedals, Green Elephant Studio offers the Sonuus Voluum Analog Volume Effects Pedal with a tremolo effect. This tremolo effect is achieved by a low-frequency oscillator (LFO) that modulates the volume of your instrument. Smooth tremolo sounds with multiple wavelengths are generated with a featuring envelope and a pedal-controlled speed variation. There is even a special optical mode that lets you tap into the classic tremolo patterns. In addition, this guitar pedal is a compressor pedal, a limiter, a volume controller, and it has a built-in tuner. This is one of the best buys for your buck since you have so many features all combined into one. You can create unique sounds all your own for endless variety, and be on your way to fame!


Tuner Pedals


As anyone who has been playing guitar for even just a few weeks knows, a guitar out of tune can be very difficult to listen to. One of the first things you learn, in fact, when learning to play the guitar is how to tune one. Oftentimes, you buy a cheap, hand-held tuner that is cumbersome and hard to reach. Instead, try a tuner pedal that allows you to tune your guitar quickly and easily while on state during a live set. These things even shut off your signal while you are tuning so you don’t blow anyone else away.


Green Elephant’s Sonuus G2M V3 Note to Midi Converter is a simple-to-use MIDI converter that has a built in tuner for your guitar or bass guitar. This guitar converter is used to sequence bass line and guitar solos effectively that will make your live performances sizzle. The built-in tuner is found in many multi-use guitar pedals as well. Tuning your guitar is often forgotten in the frenzy of getting ready for a performance. Always have your tuner handy with either a tuner pedal or a multi-pedal device so you’re not left in the lurch come show time.




Green Elephant Studio believes in the power of music to change lives. We began our in-home studio because we were driven to make sounds that convey complex human emotions that only music can do. However, we were spending a lot of time trying to find the right home recording equipment for the right price — time we could have been using instead to create. Hence, the idea of Green Elephant Studio was born — a place where we brought together everything you could possibly need for your home music studio that would allow your creative juices to flow uninhibited — and thus allow you to change the world. Visit our website often for updates, sign up for our newsletter for our sales, and order your home recording equipment from us today!

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