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Christmas Gifts for the Musician in Your Life

The holidays came up quickly this year. With Thanksgiving so late in the year, many of us are scrambling to finish our last-minute gift shopping and wrapping. If there’s a musician that you still need to shop for, you’re in luck! The team at Green Elephant Studio knows a thing or two about musicians and the gifts that they would love to receive this holiday. Keep reading for a few fantastic ideas, some that we may even be able to help you with.

DJ Control Panel

There’s something that all musicians have in common: they love to make music and play around with sounds. Regardless of the type of music that the individual you’re shopping to listens to, a DJ control panel gives them the opportunity to play around with sounds and make music. You never know what they’ll be able to craft with this incredible piece of technology.

Sound Canceling Headphones

Practice is something that all musicians need to do to improve at their craft. If the individual that you’re shopping for plays an electric instrument, they can practice and hear themselves through headphones. Though just about any set of headphones will work, there’s nothing quite like the sound of noise-canceling headphones. This gift will make it easy to block out sound and focus on the music they’re practicing.

New Instrument Case

As a musician, few things are as precious as the instrument that you play. With that in mind, you can guarantee that the musician you’re shopping for will appreciate a new case to keep their instrument tucked away in. Before you make your final purchase, make sure that you are certain what type of instrument they have so that you purchase the right sized case for them.

A MOD Pedalboard

If the musician that you’re shopping for plays guitar, you can guarantee they would love to receive a MOD pedalboard for Christmas. Pedalboards make it easy to switch your sound while on stage or recording music. The MOD devices available online at Green Elephant Studio are some of the very best in the industry, so you can guarantee that the individual you’re shopping for will appreciate the thought that went into this gift.

Shop Green Elephant Studio Online

If you don’t have enough time to swing by a store, don’t stress. Green Elephant Studio has a variety of home studio equipment that you can order online. Like the musician that you’re shopping for, we love creating music, and few things are as special to receive as a gift that allows us, musicians, to practice our craft. Take a minute and browse our MOD devices to see which one you think the musician you’re shopping for would like the best!

In the case that you’re unsure what you’re looking at, feel free to reach out to the team at Green Elephant Studio. We’ve worked hard to ensure we offer high-quality equipment at an affordable price and are very familiar with the products and the manufacturers. Contact us with questions and we’ll get you taken care of!

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