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MOD Devices

MOD Devices’ founder, Gianfranco Ceccolini, had a dream: having a multi-effects pedal that would never run out of effects, does not need a computer to be brought on the stage, and could withstand the scrutiny of audiophiles everywhere. He set out to design a digital pedal that would provide more creative freedom and be more practical for live playing.

With the help of free software developers, the MOD ecosystem came to life, combining analog-digital hybrid hardware, an intuitive graphical interface, a Plugin Store and the Pedalboard sharing platform. After an initial product launch in Brazil that led to a successful Kickstarter campaign for the MOD Duo in 2014, MOD Devices is now based in Germany and has assembled an experienced and talented international team to grow their collection of guitar stompboxes and music performing and recording equipment for home studios and for the stage. Shop the MOD Duo online below, as well as our other MOD Devices products, including the guitar footswitch extension!

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