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Persona Medical, our parent company, has over 50 years of experience in the hearing assistance field.
 Understanding the many challenges that accompany hearing loss, in particular, the very real and lasting damaging effects of loud sound, Personal Medical’s President, Don Campbell, made it his mission to design an earplug that anyone would be happy to wear… something they could take pride in while being proactive with their hearing care.

There are a plethora of reasons why people say they don’t wear earplugs. Perhaps you’ve heard, or even said one of the following: “Earplugs are not comfortable; Custom plugs cost too much; My ear gets sore over time; The music doesn’t sound right; They stick way out of my ear; Too noticeable; I had some but they got dirty/grungy; I don’t like throwing them away and having to buy new ones all the time; I feel goofy when other people look at me with them in; It’s just not cool!” Well, Earasers is here to challenge all those reasons for not protecting your hearing with their HiFi ear plugs!

Utilizing 30+ years of experience manufacturing custom ear plugs, blended with his background as a percussionist, guitarist, and engineer, he looked closely at the music industry and its lack of options in high fidelity earplugs. He needed to create discreet hearing protection for concerts and other loud events that would lower the sound, not muffle it and that people would actually wear.   

Don began to design an earplug that would work like a “custom product” without the huge expense or the required visit to an audiologist for impressions. Earasers HiFi ear plugs are founded on a soft medical-grade silicone that creates a “Smart Seal”. This comfortable fit allows Earasers to form to each individual’s ear shape, eliminating costly customized impressions. The soft comfortable fit means Earasers can be worn hours on end, and without your ears sweating. Specifically designed, the open canal shape allows sound to travel closer to the eardrum before being filtered, creating a more natural sound which keeps the musical layering intact. While most earplugs decrease too many low and high frequencies, Earasers filter more throughout the most damaging range of the ear canal resonance and allow more sound to come through in those very low and very high frequencies. This achieves the element of clarity that is not found in other hearing protection earplugs on the market today and makes these little plugs the ideal choice of hearing protection for musicians, concert goers, NASCAR fans, and anyone else who finds themselves at a loud event. Earasers are affordable, virtually invisible, easy to clean, and reusable. Protecting your hearing is now cool with Earasers!

Since initial introduction at Summer NAMM 2012 Convention, Nashville, the response is truly amazing! We couldn’t be more pleased! “Oh, WOW!” is by far the most used critique. No underwater, muffled, or plugged up sound. Musicians, concert goers, venue operators, parents and students in school bands, etc. continue to say wonderful things about Earasers.

Testimonials speak of how clear and natural things sound with Earasers – to the point where people didn’t even realize they were working until they removed Earasers at a gig or a club and then realized just how loud the environment truly is. One of the most shocking realities that have come to light is how many people, especially young people, already have ringing in their ears; something that may never go away. What is even more surprising, is how easily that could have been prevented. This is especially true for teens and young adults who frequent concert venues, as well as those in school marching bands. Earasers are a great option for those looking for hearing protection for marching band students, as the discreet design means kids are more likely to wear these than those bright orange foam plugs.

When Don dreamt of a product that would protect hearing for musicians and concertgoers, he wanted to be sure it would be something innovative and on the cutting edge; something that would overcome all the objections to wearing hearing protection. He aimed for a product that people anywhere could use and be proud to protect their hearing with. He achieved this very goal with the invention of Earasers! For Don, as well as the rest of the Earasers team…your hearing ‘clearly’ matters.

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