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5 Reasons to Try the MOD Duo Today

Are you ready to elevate your music experience with a multi-effects pedal that offers limitless effects possibilities? Look no further than the MOD Duo. This stompbox allows you to digitally create pedalboards with a huge library of effects that is growing everyday. You can take the MOD Duo with you from the studio to the stage without the use of a computer and access your pre-configureated pedalboards while performing with the press of a button. The MOD Duo is extremely easy to use and offers many more effects and options than a single effects pedal. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss why the MOD Duo is a one-of-a-kind multi-effects pedal that you need to try today.  Continue reading to learn more and then shop Green Elephant Studio for MOD Devices

Limitless Effects

When we say that the possibilities are limitless with the MOD Duo, we truly mean limitless. There is an ever-growing library of effects including synths, multi-FX, sequencers, simulations, loopers, MIDI utilities, and more. You can drag and drop any of these effects into your pedalboard and connect them in any configuration that you’d like. 

Constantly Developing Software

The software for the MOD Duo is open sourced meaning that you and other users can add effects as you go. Our library is always expanding and growing and will continue to do so. As long as people are using our software, it will continue to develop and provide you with more options for effects. 

Easily Take Pedalboards With You

One of the most unique things about the MOD Duo is that you can create your pedalboards, save them, and then take your MOD Duo with you on stage without bringing a computer. The MOD Duo saves two pedalboards in the actual stompbox that you can switch back and forth between while on stage. If you’d like to bring more than two pedalboards with you, the MOD Footswitch Extension allows you to add four more and you can add on as many Footswitch extensions as you’d like.  

Ability to Share Pedalboards

As you create different pedalboard configurations, you’ll be able to share them with others in the online community. You will also be able to see and use pedalboards that others have created. This helps everyone grow as musicians and experiment with different techniques and sounds that they may not have otherwise. 

Works With Any Instrument

The MOD Duo works with literally any instrument that you can connect. You can use your MOD Duo with your guitar, keyboard, or even your microphone. This is another aspect that creates even more unique possibilities for your music experience with the MOD Duo.

Shop the MOD Duo at Green Elephant Studio

If you are ready to elevate your music experience with a multi-effects pedal that provides you with limitless effects and the ability to take the stompbox from the studio to the stage, then you are ready to try the MOD Duo. Learn more about how to use the MOD Duo and shop MOD Devices at Green Elephant Studio today.

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